Let The Travels Begin!

The rising sun, the setting sun,

The sea, beaches and sand

The breezy nights and those roaring tides

Humility and awe, did the Ocean command

The soft scent, the leather bind

Plots that thicken with Time

Words woven into delicate artistry

With Prose and Poetry sublime

Hills and mountains with God in their abode

A hue of green and white — waiting to enthrall

As mystique and magnificence walked hand-in-hand

I realised I’d always feel small

Lives that spring to life before my eyes

I allow them to hold my hand

Their joys, sorrows and trepidation become my own

As we journey to their promised land

A different people, a different culture

A different language, cuisine and tradition

I embraced the unknown as if it were my own

Always a sojourn steeped in realization

Their wisdom stroked and the conscience stirred

My canvas would always be white,black and grey

The pages held a mirror — as I struggled to accept myself

But the stories moved on, much to my dismay

“Come to Me” beckoned the World outside

“Come to Me” urged the World within

The Rucksack and The Book would always stand by me

It’s never early to say “Let the Travels Begin!”

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Alok Simha

Blogger. Bengalurean. Sales Professional. Trying to explore the world within and outside with words. https://simplysimha.blogspot.com